Backround & Origins:
The Olympic games were a mix of combat and athletic competitions between Greek city states. Legend believes it
Wreath Awarded to the Victor
that Hercules was the first one to name these games as the "Olympics." It is recorded to have started in 776 BC in Olympia and was finished celebrated in 393 AD. It said and is believed that these events were put into place to honor the gods. Any Athlete that could speak in the greek tongue, and was a free man could participate. The prizes for the victors were laurel wreaths, palm branches, and sometimes even food for life. The games were held every four years amongst Athletes all around Greece. Due to war and these games they created an "Olympic Truce", which provided safety for the traveling athletes. The truce also delayed war during the time of the games. Also neighboring countries with exceptional athletes were allowed to participate in the games. For instance there are Romans recorded winning the games during the Ancient events. These games have become part of todays life as much as they were a part of the Greeks life. Even with these being so important around the world, the mystery still remains from where they originated from. With many legends involving them how did they become such an icon for the world?

Modern Day Olympics:
The Olympics now are very different than the games celebrated in the ancient times. Some very obvious examples of that are the games now a days are for the entire world to compete. Also there are many mory more events being Olympics.pngplayed now. The modern day Olympics also contain a Winter Olympic every four years switching with the summer games every two years.The games do have similarites though in some respcts. For instance if you become a champion in an Event you are also become a local hero, and that was the case back in Ancient Greece.

Olympic Architecture: Today and Then
The Olympic games provided the opportunity for all the city-states of Greece to gather and to strengthen their common bonds through competition. Athletic events were a great spectacle in antiquity and for many a peasant the only form of grand entertainment. The Olympic games were born in these stadiums, while wars and disputes among countries were put aside while the games were on.
Delphi Stadium
The stadiums in the Greek Olympics did more than just seat the spectators. They brought together enemies and created new relations. Now a days the stadiums will do that and then some. The Olympics have brought a whole new perspective to architecture. Hosting countries often try to impress or show off to the world by putting up magnificent building with incredible facilties. It gives a chance for smaller countries to be a part of something special that is much bigger than they are.2008-olympic-stadium-01.jpg now A days the construction of these stadiums are constructed for more than just sporting events. But now with the new technology available the buildings created host amazing shows impressing the world with the cultures, styles and architecture of the country.

The Events in the Ancient Olympics are considerably different than the events now. Some events have gone through time never changing while some are not not even played at all anymore. The events for the Ancient Olympics are as followed;
Boxing: This is not like modern day boxing as there are fewer rules in this. The fought until one man was knocked out, or tapped out. You could beat or keep hitting your oppenent if they were down. There was no wieght class between men or boys either.
Equestrian Events: This kind of event are not done in the current day Olympics. The consist of two events which are Horse Riding and Chariot Racing. These events were for the wealthy as they were the only ones that could afford the training, equipment etc.
Pankration: This was an intense event consisting of both boxing and Wrestling. The only rules in this were, you cannot gouge or bite at your oppenent. It was fought with bear knuckles. This was grueling and a pleasent event.
Pentathlon: This is very similar to the decathlon now a days. The only difference is now we have ten events within it and before they had five. The ancient pentathlon consisted of (discus, javelin, jump, running, wrestling.) "a body capable of enduring all efforts, either of the racecourse or of bodily strength...This is why the athletes in the pentathlon are most beautiful." That is a quote said by Aristotle. it shows that this is an event in which the athlete that wins is the ultimate champion.
Running: Running will change only a little through time. They only had four running events, one was s hort distance and two were a longer distance race. The fourth race is something we lack. It was a long distance relay race in all of the armor worn in battle.
Wrestling: The goal is to throw your oppenent down to the ground, you need three fall to win a match. You could not bite or use the genitals in your holds. You could beak your opponents fingers or other grueling ways to hurt and defeat your oppenent.

Legends: There are a couple of different legends on how the Olympics came to be, but one is the most famous. it the legend of Hercules and it goes like this;
"Hera gave Hercules twelve tasks to do as a punishment. Five of these twelve tasks were defeating a lion, defeating a boar, finding the golden apples of Zeus, killing a bull, and cleaning out the huge, filthy stables for King Augeas. When Augeas tried to cheat Hercules out of his award, Hercules killed him and founded the Olympics as his victory.
The Olympic Games honored the God of all Gods, Zeus. They also honored Hera, Apollo, and some of the other Olympian Gods. Originally, all the Olympic games, except the horse races, took place near the huge, gold, ivory statue of Zeus.
When the Olympics began, they had only one event, a foot race of about 200 meters. Fifty years later, a second race of 400 meters was added. There were many other sports added after that. Soon the festivities were expanded into a five-day event."

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